Words. Funny. Something as simple as letters randomly placed together can create powerful messages. Messages that can bring a smile to a face, a tear to an eye and an arrow to a heart. It all depends on the messenger.
When you or I speak or write, we use words. And the words we use really do matter. Each hearer takes them in at their own speed and with their own backgrounds and experiences as their personal translator.
I like words that make me smile. I like to be with people that say words that warm my heart. I would imagine it’s the same with you.
Sometimes, I hear people say, “He [or she] doesn’t have many friends.” That’s when I wonder what kind of “words” that person uses. Are they words that give life, that offer encouragement, that seek to better the person receiving them? Or are they words that only benefit the user?
Words tell us quite a bit about the person using them. They show us what is really in their heart and on their mind.
What words are you using today? And what are they saying about you? Listen to them as they exit your lips. Better yet, ponder them before you give them opportunity to make their way out into the world.
I’m going to work on that this week. Join me, will you?
Just my thoughts.
Prov. 18:21 The tongue can bring death or life;
those who love to talk will reap the consequences.
Prov. 15:4 Gentle words are a tree of life;
a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.
Eccl. 10:12 Wise words bring approval,
but fools are destroyed by their own words.