Happy Christmastide!
For those of you into holiday trivia or history, the fun has just begun. Few realize in today’s culture, that the 12 Days of Christmas, actually began on Christmas Day. And day 12 arrives on January 5 — the day many of you recognize as Epiphany.
Our Colonial forefathers were English, and they brought quite a few holiday traditions with them to our shores. One of those traditions was a homemade wreath that was made from greenery and any special fruits that might be available. Making the wreaths was one of the traditions of Christmas Eve. It was hung on your front door beginning on Christmas Night (1st night of Christmas) through Twelfth Night or Epiphany morning. Meanwhile, back in England, all decorations would be taken down by Epiphany morning.
And here’s an extra scoop, a special cake, the king cake, was also baked at that time for Epiphany. But we’ll talk more about that later.
For now, hope your Christmas was very merry, and for now, a VERY happy New Year.