Description #1: If you grew up in church, you are very famliar with the Doxology. It comes at the end of the service and we all sing it together. Or, at least we used to. I was thrilled to discover this piece actually had about four verses!



Description #2:  I could listen to this song every day. And multiple times. It’s just perfect in so many ways. The arrangement that was created for this could not have been better in any way and I am so grateful we captured the essence of this centuries-old favorite. Penned in the 1500s, as part of the Geneva Psalter, it wouldn’t be set to music until 100 years or so later when Thomas Ken crafted the tune. While doing my research to find if I had permission to record it, I discovered the extra verses that I had never known existed and as a result had never heard before. I was determined to make sure I sang each one and brought it to modern-day life as best as I could. I hope you find it as soothing and therapeutic as I do. It’s truly the perfect piece for a meditational moment. Obviously, I ended my concerts with this song, and it could not have been more ideal. It just leveled out the room and left the audience feeling calm and blessed. It just doesn’t get much better than that.


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