I Will Praise You


This upbeat and happy praise and worship tune is an original that I wrote specifically for the scriptures found in Psalm 139: 13, and 14. A fun sing-a-long song and perfect for any worship setting. Alan came up with the Jamaican sound and the background vocals concept for this piece. I absolutely loved it. So brilliant. And it worked so well. I would have never thought of that style. Alan was a gem. I was blessed that he produced my albums.


The night before my first television commercial filming, I was sitting in my hotel room in Hollywood, reading my bible and trying to prepare. My eyes fell to these verses and the tune just popped into my head. It was an easy lilting melody that was truly catchy. The message in these scriptures are so important for our world today. While we’re told we came from a pond with muck that congealed and grew life, it’s nice to be reminded that we were actualy carefully crated, created and designed! By the way, the commercial was for RB Furniture. For those of you that even remember that chain, you can see how long ago that was!


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