Mansion Over The Hilltop


This all-time favorite hymn and gospel song was a standard in churches when I was a young girl. Everyone knew the words and could sing every verse. It was a toe tapper and a pew swayer to be sure. I hope this rendition brings new life to an old hit in order to keep it going for years after I’ve gone to that mansion above.



I grew up singing this song and learned it most likely from my father. He was the banjo player in at bluegrass band that was full of some pretty fun guys. Their name was The Creepy Critters. They dressed like Hillbillies and had quite a schtick. My dad wore a very tall blue jeans denim hat in which he tucked a rubber chicken. At a certain point in the show, he’d take it out and throw it into the audience. Always a hit.

I remember sitting on the side of the bed next to my dad, as he patiently worked to teach me to sing harmony. He had a ukelele, which I still have, and he’d play that as we sang. This song was always a favorite and easy to sing to and learn harmony to. So I guess it had to be one I chose to record.

It’s a song I hope is not soon forgotten. It’s fun and has an encouraging and light message for a heavy and dark world.


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