This is the day


Description #1: If you like jazz, and I mean San Diego-style jazz, this song will be one of your faves. It sure is mine! When those opening bars begin to play I just get all tingly and happy. It’s just a song of complete joy and celebration. That’s probably why it also became the theme song for the podcast I host, The Better Brew Podcast, which can be found at your favorite podcast provider. Or just click here! 



Description #2:

››There are few songs that come your way as an artist that are just, well, “you.” This was one of those songs. Brought to me by producer Alan Curtis, the recording was done in San Diego with some major coastal musicians that we refer to as “beasts.”  When I heard the song the first time, I was over the moon, and to this day, it makes my heart smile like few other songs can. It’s just in my DNA.

The photo for this tune was taken by one of the top photographers in Nashville when I arrived, Michael Gomez. I was extremely fortunate to get a sitting with him. When he found out that my Black Lab Judge was out in the car, he insisted I bring him in. Before I knew it, they were moving furniture and backdrops around, and in no time flat, Judge had stollen the studio’s hearts and was receiving his very own photoshoot. It’s still some of the most beautiful work I have ever seen, and the photos still grace the entrance of my home.


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