Pancake Day. King Cake. Worrying about what you’ll give up for Lent? If any of these are on your mind, it’s probably because they’re all going down TODAY! For those of you wondering what this blog post has to do with anything, these traditions/holidays have been around for centuries. And, holidays mean food…and I am alllll about the food.

So what do Pancakes, King Cakes and giving up something for Lent have to do with each other? Well, you may have heard of it. It’s called…

MARDI GRAS – AKA Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday. Also known as Pancake Day.

Basically, the last chance to party hearty before the Season of Fasting (Lent) begins. Which is tomorrow. Wednesday – ASH WEDNESDAY:

Just what is Lent?: A time to reflect on and prepare hearts for the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. It’s when people give up something, like chocolate or ____ (fill in the blank).

When does Lent end? In a massive celebration, called EASTER (the day Christ rose from the grave.)

Now, in all honesty, you won’t find any of the above “celebrations” or “traditions” (or any of their specific names or days) in the Bible, but that’s for another conversation.

We’ll dish a bit about these feast and fast days as we begin our journey into Holy Week! Hey, if you’re smart, you’ll find a way to ask time off for one of these “religious” holidays. If you’re an atheist, however, it might be a bit tricky to pull off. (wink)
Just my thoughts,